Friday, March 23, 2018

Photos of the USS Juneau CL-52

Images of the USS Juneau that was sunk during the battle off of Guadalcanal.  The ship was blown in half.  Part of the ship was found 900m away from the main wreckage. 

Easy Eight T-70 Hit/Damage Chart

Easy Eight ISU-152 Hot/Damage Chart

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Easy Eight SU-85 Hit/Damage Chart

Another Russian  Tank Destroyer that soldiered on after WW2.   It was used in all off  the Arab -Israeli conflicts.  When armed with the D-5T 85 mm gun. The SU-85 could take out a tiger at 1000m 

Easy Eight SU-76M Hit/Damage Char

SU-76M was loved by the Russian Infantry because of its fire power.   The SU-76 was the only other tank built it larger 13,932 like the T-34.   The SU-76 could take out a Panther with a flank shot.  But the Tiger was going to be knocked by it.  The crews had been trained to take out the tracks or the gun on the Tiger.   After WW2 it was used by the Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and surprisely by the East Germans.